Hello and welcome. The scene above is just one example of the original design and rendering work I can produce for you. To view other works I have produced, see my portfolio below. My name is Jerome Santiago. I am a Manhattan based 3D visualization artist with a focus on Branded Environment Design and Rendering. Additionally. I produce animated graphics and provide design services. If my work interests you, feel free to contact me using the information provided below.

Services - Comprehensive Overview

Digital Design

3D Design work can be produced for existing or theoretical space. Branded Environment design work connects theme to Brand. Using a Gold Lamborghini Bull in the showroom above perfectly demonstrates the idea and connection. Contact me for this and other design services

3D Rendering

Regarding your own designs, I am very capable. I can effectively translate abstract verbal descriptions into rough drawings to produce scenes. Most clients provide such drawings or cad files but upon a commision, I will at no additional cost, outline your project.

Motion | Graphics

My own career as a 3D artist was originally driven by my work in Broadcast Graphics and Effects. To this day I still produce animated presentation graphics. View the Demo Reel to see how my service can put your message in motion. Contact me qeustions.

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  • Photography

    Photography should be a prerequisite to becoming 3D artist. Understand photographic concepts, like scene composition, the golden ratio, lighting, white balance, depth of field and so on will make you a better rendering artist. These are just shots I take around the city.

    Audio Visualization

    Using applications such as Max Msp and VVVV I create real-time audio visualziations. Visuals and real-time effects are driven by audio. Real time effects can be appliced to live video input or any exsiting video content.

    Making Noise

    I create Electronic Dance Music tracks under the alias Moogaphonic. I have only recently began sharing my songs publicly. My tracks can be found on Soundcloud. At the moment I use my music to drive audio visualizations It is a labor of love.

  • View 3D Rendering

    In practice for nearly a decade, I can turn a verbal description of a scene into a realized 3D rendering, I also design orginal works in 3D.

    Motion Graphics

    From conceptual to production, I can create and produce animated graphic content that will get your message in motion. The demo reel illustrates a number of processes and techniques at my disposal.

    Graphic Design

    Creating 3D scenes requires many abilities that touch many areas of graphics. I often work heavily with Photoshop and Illustrator. View a collection of professional and personal works above.

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    Jerome Santiago

    Faster than a speeding bullet, able to render small buildings in a single button push, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's your friendly neighborhood renderman!

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