Hello my name is Jerome Santiago and welcome to my online portfolio, Siliconbrush. I am a Manhattan-based designer and rendering artist with a focus on the creation of Branded Environments. I also offer many other creative services, such as graphics and animation. The image above is but one example that illustrates my services. Below you will find more examples of the wide variety of content I can produce. Email me here or call 917-499-1307 to discuss projects, rates and/or availibility.

Overview of Services

3D Design

As an experienced 3D artist I can create stunning realism, texture and lighting. As a designer I combine those attributes with theme, creativity and practical objective and imagination to produce unique design solutions.

3D Rendering

Have your own idea or approach? Great! Utilizing CAD art, hand sketches, or verbal descriptions, I can make any idea into a 3D rendering so long as you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish.

Graphics & Motion

I produce exciting audio and visual content ranging from graphic illustration, motion graphics, photography, music and computational art. See the portfolio examples below.

I got 99 Problemsbut design ain't one

  • Photography

    An understanding of photography is an asset for any 3D artist. I view photography as an art form, a tool for communication and creative expression that can be conveyed in subject matter, play of light, composition, depth of field and visual style. View my work in the link above.

    Video Art

    Create custom video applications, add your Brand and streaming RSS data as overlays to video content following theme. Create stunning video loops, audio visualization, interactive video walls, video for projection mapping by utilizing my Motion Graphic services.

    My Sound

    I create Electronic Music under the name Moogaphonic. The sound is along the lines of Casino VS Japan or Boards of Canada. Click the play button in the lower left corner of this website for audio samples.

  • 3D Rendering

    I have produced both design and rendering works for some of the largest brands in world including, Citibank, ATT, YP, UPS, and Lowes. My 3D Design services produce compelling concept art for content related to Branded Environments. I also offer 3D Rendering services.

    Motion Graphics

    From conceptual to production, I can create and produce animated graphic content that will get your message in motion. The demo reel in the above link illustrates a number of processes and techniques at my disposal.

    Graphic Design

    Creating 3D scenes requires many abilities that touch many areas of graphics. I often work heavily with Photoshop and Illustrator. View a collection of professional and personal works in the above link.

creative, inspired and ready to collaborate

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    Jerome Santiago

    I am perpetually one project away from my greatest work. I design to explore the endless possibilities of limitation. I render accurately to illustrate abstract concepts. I will be a creative for life.

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